It Appears Like These Sneaky Donkeys Are Standing Around, But Watch What They Do Next!

As far as cute animals go, donkeys are pretty underrated.

They’re usually at the ass-end( I couldn’t help myself) of all the jokes, so no one truly recognizes how smart they actually are. And when you get a team together, there’s no stopping them.

On one farm, these sneaky critters decided to hatch a plan. First, they nonchalantly stand around, switching positions and eating to throw off the perfume. That’s what I call teamwork!

But if you watch until the very end, you’ll find their ultimate aim goal. Every revolution starts small, even in the animal kingdom.

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Genius! Donkeys truly don’t deserve their bad reputations. Be sure to share this with the animal devotees you know who will be amused by their antics.

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