Lick AND simultaneously groom young cat with the Licky Brush!

When cats groom other cats, they do it through licking. This apparently builds some cat owneds jealous.

They too wish they could provide that intimate kind of grooming on their cat like the other cats do. Well, a solution to this cat person dilemma has been invented. Its a new various kinds of pet brush. Its called the Licki Brush.

Yes, it is a tongue shaped brush which gives you the ability to simulate licking your cat! You apparently set it in your mouth and start your licking/ grooming. But unlike those other cats who lick, you will not be coughing up hairballs afterward.

Licki Brush appears to be launching a kickstarter campaign soon so they can start providing these brush tongues to all the cat devotees out there. Would you use one? Be sure to share this with all of your cat loving friends and family to spread the word about this amazing new invention!

Watch the Licki Brush in action, below :

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