Luna Lovegood isn’t happy about her Pottermore Patronus quiz outcomes

Irish actress Evanna Lynch plays the quirky and loveable Luna in the Harry Potter film series .
Image: Warner Bros

LONDON In occurrence you live under or a rock or you’re not a true Harry Potter fan, you should know that the official Pottermore Patronus quiz is here.

If you’re still reading at this phase( again, clearly not a true Potterhead why aren’t you taking the quiz rn ??) be alerted: some people are not happy with their results, including Luna Lovegood.

Actually, according to the books/ cinemas, Luna’s Patronus is a hare, and we have no reason to believe that she isn’t pleased by her furry protector.

But Evanna Lynch, the actress who portrays Luna in the films, took to Twitter to express disappointment and bewilderment in the results of her quiz 😛 TAGEND

That’s right a salmon. But the actress admits that her first try at the quiz uncovered her Patronus to be something she found equally, if not more, offensive 😛 TAGEND

YIKES. Can you even imagine? And then Lynch says what all the disappointed members of the Harry Potter fandom are believing 😛 TAGEND

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