May 6


Missing puppy found at RAF base


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Image copyright @haveyouseencanela/ Facebook Image caption Rescue dog Canela had recently been with their own families for a day before being scared on a stroll and slipping off her lead

A dog who went missing for 20 days has been determined after she managed to make her route into an RAF airfield.

Spanish podenco Canela slipped off her lead on a stroll near Pontypridd on 15 December.

More than 30 volunteers were involved in searches following several sightings, placing traps and cameras.

A Ministry of Defence( MOD) spokesperson confirmed that a puppy which had been reported missing was found at RAF St Athan.

Stolen dog discovered 300 miles from home Stolen dog home after two-year search Woman’s three cats ‘poisoned’ in same week Image caption Canela was a surprise birthday present – but Louise Evans said her disappearance ruined two birthdays, Christmas and New Year

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