Move Aside Grumpy Cat, Loki Is The New Grumpiest Cat In The World

Some animals are cute and fluffy, some arousing and dangerous-looking and some, well … grumpy. Meet Loki, a Sphynx cat who looks like an old boy hollering at you to get off his lawn.

Loki lives with his human household – Sara and Brent from Brooklyn, NY. “This cat has more personality and sass than any animal I have ever met, ” Sara told to a blog Girls And Their Cats. “We are inseparable. We are best friends.”

Loki came into the couple’s lives a day before Halloween in 2014, after months of searching, as Brent is allergic to cats, so adopting a pet for them had more challenges than it usually does. “Loki is unbelievably affectionate, cuddly and chatty. He loves napping on our bellies, feeing chicken and scrambled eggs and receiving hearty head scratches.”

“Shortly after we adopted him, I started an Instagram page exclusively dedicated to Loki. His Instagram page speedily picked up a following , perceptibly for his seemingly grumpy demeanor and unique look.”

“Loki has helped me return to creative and optimistic parts of myself that were misplaced while I was feeling unmotivated and sad. Animals are incredible healers and I am eternally grateful for Loki’s companionship and generous loyalty. He is genuinely one of a kind.”

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