Moving home can be stressful for Fido too

Image caption Gwen Bailey with her seven-month-old Vizsla, Otto

Move into your dream home and the dog instantly chews the new sofa.

The result: more stress which, according to an expert, was likely the cause of the furniture extermination in the first place.

“Dogs will pick up on your stress when moving home, ” says Gwen Bailey, founder of Puppy School, a network of canine educate classes.

“It is best to leave them with relatives for a couple of weeks so they can move into a more settled house.”

Image caption Bear, a Lurcher are subordinate to Gwen Bailey, is used to moving around

One in four UK households own a dog. More than a million homes are expected to be bought next year. That is a lot of hounds on the move.

So, given that 2018 is the Chinese Year of the Dog( beginning in February ), perhaps the UK’s favourite pet should get a little more consideration during the upheaval of moving home.

At least property-buying dog lovers will have something to help them in 2018 – time to prepare.

The ongoing income squeeze means experts do not expect a surge in demand among potential buyers next year. Costs will merely creep up.

So , nobody require buy and move in a rush.

Ms Bailey, whose volume The Perfect Puppy has been in publish for 21 years, says that dogs can become more territory, aggressive, keen to chew anything, or docile – depending on their personality – during the stress of moving home.

She suggests that stimulating up the dog’s bed, inducing sure they have their water bowl, and establishing a routine, should be priorities, however untidy the new home.

The new home offers everyone the chance of a fresh start, even the dog, she says, while her seven-month-old Vizsla, Otto, plays around her.

“This is a perfect opportunity to start again, to introduce some new rules and new routines. So if, tell, you do not want your dog to go upstairs, then a new home is a good time to induce that change, ” she says.

Image caption It can take time before a new home is ready for pets

She also suggests that dog owners consider their new neighbours when moving home, particularly if there are cats or infants next door.

But what are the chances of many people getting new neighbours in 2018?

Simon Rubinsohn, chief economist at the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors( RICS ), tells the housing market in many areas is likely to be muted owing to a constraint on affordability.

The RICS prediction, be learned from surveyors across the UK, has one of the best track records for accuracy. In 2018, the expectation is for home costs to be unchanged, and for the cost of renting to rise by 1 %.

However, this masks a big regional change. Prices might well fall in London and the South East of England, RICS predicts, while rising fastest in Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales and the North West of England. House costs compared to earnings are still lower than before the financial crisis in these areas where property values are expected to increase.

It is not just geography that housing marketplace analysts believe will be important in 2018, but also the type of property.

Property portal Rightmove, which tracks asking prices, expects homes with two bedrooms or fewer to increase in cost by 3 %, compared with a 2% rise in three- and four-bedroom homes.

But the jump in price remains the greatest when moving from a three- to a four-bedroom home, rather than moving between smaller homes.

Housing commentator Henry Pryor, whose previous prediction of a 4% fall in home prices in 2017 is seeming well wide of the mark, says house price predictions are a folly. The effect of interest rates, government schemes to assist first-time buyers, and the sentiment of lenders, can have a big consequence on costs and are difficult to foresee.

In 2018, the B word( Brexit) might build purchasers delay any possible purchase, he says, but the D terms( indebtednes, divorce, and death) will continue to drive some activity in the housing marketplace. Again, he expects house prices to fall in 2018.

Ed Stansfield, chief property economist at Capital Economics, who is predicting a 2% rise, agrees that buyers and lenders will be cautious in 2018. This, he tells, will be the effect of interest rates. The Bank of England recently raised its benchmark rate for the first time for 10 years. It now stands at 0.5%.

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