July 24


Nature documentaries carry message to save ‘Our Planet’


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( CNN) The burgeoning wave of nature documentaries increasingly contains a concerted environmental message: If you enjoy watching these remarkable animals in their native habitats, start guessing severely about the planet and what humanity is doing to it.

Discussing the decline of tropical woodlands, Attenborough notes that they store and capture carbon, cool the planet and offer vital food and medications. “We lose them at our peril, ” he explains, while the Wildlife Fund stresses that we have reached a moment where reference is has “never been more urgent and important to recognize the fragility of our world.”

The theme is depicted a bit more subtly but nonetheless resonates in “Hostile Planet, ” a more crackling, adventure-based documentary series also premiering this week, via National Geographic; and “Dynasties, ” the recent BBC America look at various species seeking to survive, which also boasts Attenborough’s narration.

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