Neko Atsume has new cats, and all is right with the world

If you fought for months to collect all of the elusive felines of Neko Atsume , we have bittersweet news to share: Your collect is no longer complete.

A new update( 1.7.0) for the adorable cat-collecting game has been released that adds new cats, goodies, and even wallpapers, so you might have a reason to close Pokemon Go for a while.Along with two new common cats named Chip and Pasty, a new rare cat, Bengal Jack, appears in a fancy pirate costume. You also have new items at your disposal, including seashells, a penguin cushion, a stingray cushion, a dinosaur slide, and a treasure chest( the latter undoubtedly bait for the pirate cat ).

Some Redditors have already captured Bengal Jack in action searching for loot( and coming up successful ).

Hit-Point ., Co.

Reddit user Pimpkachu also postedpics of all update items, including new wallpapers to be unlocked. Look how precious they are!

Hit-Point ., Co.

Hit-Point Co ., Ltd

Hit-Point Co ., Ltd.

Now, the bad news: The iOS version of video games is not currently on the app store due to a glitch that stops cats from visiting. Game developer Hit-Point Co ., has not set a date for a re-release as of yet. However, it hasannounced a cooperation with the popular Japanese baseball squad Henshin Tigers, so if you’d like to go blow some money on merchandise while you wait for the glitch to be fixed, we’re sure you’ll find some good stuff .

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