September 24


Nick Offerman is so down to play every single role in ‘Cats’


Cat Behavior


Though people typically love cats on social media, they aren’t so in love with the newly released Cat movie trailer. Since its debut on Thursday, fans have been dragging and meme-ing the adaptation to hell. The general consensus is that the movie seems creepy-and its CGI consequences are to blame.

On Thursday, one person suggested a quick fix that many are ready to get behind: Simply make all of the characters in the movie Nick Offerman. Disney artist Joaquin Baldwin photoshopped Offerman’s face onto the ” cats” from the movie, together with the caption, “ Cats ( 2019) but every character is played by Offerman .” After ensure the photos, some think it may not be such a bad notion, including Offerman himself.

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Offerman responded by tweeting,” Let’s do it !” Now the internet is waiting patiently to see if anything will become of the ingenious suggestion. At the very least, fans are expecting a cameo from Offerman as a grumpy cat.

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