Paralyzed Cat Drags Herself To The Spot She Left Her Kittens After Neighbor Tried To Kill Her

This mom cat recently suffered the most brutal assault after she accidentally wandered into the wrong yard in Australia. The human who lived on the property allegedly grabbed the stray cat by the tail and hurled her up against a trailer. The cat was thought to be dead, so her 1-week-old kittens were collected by an animal rescue group. However, the next day the most unbelievable thing happened. The cat started dragging herself using merely her front paws to the spot where she last find her babies.

The local RSPCA picked up the mom immediately and reunited her with her kittens. Now named Princess, the cat is sadly paralyzed for life. Sawyers Gully Animal Rescue’s owner Dee Walton is going to take care of her for good, as the poor cat has very special wants. She can’t even urinate or defecate on her own. The human responsible for this tragedy was arrested and there are plans to get Princess her own wheelchair. For now, the poor cat can take comfort in nursing her loved newborns. “Princess is a fighter, she teaches me everyday not to give up, ” Walton told the Dodo. “I believe those kittens dedicated her the will to live.”

A woman said she was feeding a stray cat with kittens in her yard, but her neighbor had killed the mother cat

“I believe those kittens dedicated her the will to live”

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