June 24


People are crying over these cats’ window-sill romance


Cat Behavior

Spring has sprung, and everyone’s mind has turned to love. Sure, love is indeed a splendid thing between human being, but it’s even more delightful when it’s between two fluffy cats.

On Monday, Twitter user @kenziecoffman, who goes by ” Mac” on Twitter, tweeted some pictures of her cat Simon who has become enamored of a cat living across the street. Simon has even taken to waiting in the window all day for him to appear. Apparently, this had gone on long enough that she made a sign that read” What is your cat’s name? Love, Simon” and hung it in her window. Her neighbors, who are no doubt aware of the star-crossed fans’ window rendezvous, wrote back.” Hi Simon, I’m Theo. Your my best friend- Theo “.

And Twitter let out a collective “Aww!”

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