June 2


People Who Used To Be” Ugly Ducklings” Share Their Transformations, And We Can Barely Recognise Them( New Pics)


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Danish poet and writer Hans Christian Andersen published The Ugly Duckling in 1843, and a huge reason why the fairy tale is popular to this day is because of how relatable it is. It’s a heartwarming tale about personal transformation for the most wonderful, revolving around inner beauty just as much as it does around its outer counterpart.

To prove that the Ugly Duckling Syndrome is an intrinsic part of life, people are constantly sharing( check out part I of such lists here) their personal before-and-after photos in the uglyduckling subreddit. Viewing these images, it’s clear that you never know what time has prepared for you. Even though these late bloomers had to wait a little longer than others to fully grow into their appears, the results seem totally worth it. Scroll down to check out their stunning before-and-after images and upvote your favourites!

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