Photo Of Woman With Poison Ivy On Her Face Goes Viral

Of all the things that you don’t want to get on your face, poison ivy is probably top of the list . It’s painful, it’s itchy, and it builds you look like you’ve been punched by a heavyweight boxer. Twice. Look what happened to Malcolm( in the Middle) when he used it to dry his tears 😛 TAGEND

Now, while 21 -year-old Emily didn’t scratch poison ivy on her eyes, by the appears of her face, she might as well have done.

First noticing a somewhat mild lawsuit of the rash on her arm( which she believes she might have got from fishing, or looking after feral cats ), Emily woke up the next day to find out that notonly had it got a lot worse, but that it had spread as well. To- yes- her face.

She told Mashable that she thinks it must have spread when she took her contacts out, before she went to bed.

One of her friends drove her to a walk-in medical centre, where she took this image 😛 TAGEND

She sent it to Emily’s sister, who tweeted it…

And now Emily’s swollen, painful face has gone kinda viral( 32,000 retweets viral ). As it turns out, she’s not the only person who’s had a facial mishap with poison ivy….

Emily is reportedly now on the mend, and looks( nearly) back to her normal self .

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