Rainfall, Shine, Or Snow, This Woman Helps Feed Tons Of Feral Cats On The Street

One woman in Istanbul is such an incredible animal fan that she has taken it upon herself to feed hundreds of feral cats in the area every day. Her name is Vera, and no matter what kind of weather ten-strikes Istanbul, she goes out and takes care of the animals that need her.

Not merely does she feed them, but she takes them to the vet when they’re sick. It was found that she feeds around 350 cats a day, and she has taken nearly 170 cats in for veterinary treatment.

Vera’s love for these animals has become contagious throughout the community.

She even has a group of volunteers that helps take care of the cats.

We is to be hoped that these cats will find good homes one day, but for now, Vera does her best to provide them with healthy and fulfilling lives.

Here’s a video of this kind woman in action:

( via Love Meow)

If only Vera’s love for cats could spread to everyone, thousands of abandoned animals could receive “members attention” and care that they deserve. Let’s spread the love to everyone, including animals!

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