September 7


SPCA closes investigation into Alinity Divine for hurling her cat


Cat Behavior

After Twitter users reported Twitch streamer Alinity Divine last week for, a local Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals( SPCA) visited her house to complete a wellness check on all of her animals. The organization found that the animals are safe and in good health.

On Friday, the Saskatoon SPCA announced on its Facebook page that there was no” malicious intent” in any of the reported incidents. It added that Divine was cooperative and understood her responsibilities as a pet owner.

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” During their investigation, Animal Protection Officers assessed each animal and determined that all appeared to be in good health and had friendly dispositions ,” the organization wrote on Facebook.” The Saskatoon SPCA appreciates all of those who show concern and care for the well-being of animals everywhere and foresees a compassionate community where all animals are valued and respected .”

On July 19 th, 2019, Animal Protection Services based out of the Saskatoon SPCA received concerns considering mistreatment…

Posted by Saskatoon SPCA on Friday, July 26, 2019

The announcement comes a week after many to ban Divine from the platform, where she has over 900,000 followers. About 32,000 people have even signed a petition, demanding for her removal.

The uproar began when a video surfaced of Divine throwing her cat over her shoulder as she was in the middle of an Apex Legends creek. Shortly after that, an older video popped up of Divine spitting vodka into her cat’s mouth as she kissed it.

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