August 23


Taylor Swift Donated BIG MONEY To A Fan’s GoFundMe! – Perez Hilton


Cat Behavior

A lot of artists say they love their fans, but Taylor Swift truly sets her money where her mouth is!

Earlier this month, Sadie Bartell , a prominent 19 -year-old in the Swifties community, posted a link to a

Her mom, Lauriann , had complications from a bleeding ulcer which led to a coma which has now lasted three years, and medical bills are piling up for the family πŸ˜› TAGEND

Over the weekend Sadie got a massive surprise.

She saw this on the donations page, which clearly rendered her wordless πŸ˜› TAGEND

That’s right!

Taylor donated a massive $15,500 to the campaign, which is now over its goal of $ 25 K!

Aww, and she signed it from Meredith and Olivia, too! Kind cats!

[ Image via Brian To/ WENN/ Twitter .]

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