June 4


The cat from this year’s ‘Pet Sematary’ has died


Cat Behavior

As if Grumpy Cat’s death wasn’t hard enough on us all, another familiar feline has crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

The passing of Leo the Maine Coon cat was announced on his Instagram yesterday by his trainer, Kirk Jarrett. He was one of four rescue cats who played Church, a family pet resurrected with terrible consequences, in this year’s .

” It is with deep sadness that we tell you that Leo has passed away ,” reads the text on an Instagram photo of Leo.” He will be forever missed by his human and fur family. May his superstar always glisten bright !!”

A follow-up post specified that Leo died of complications from arterial thromboembolism, a common kind of heart disease for his breed.

” Leo lived an unbelievably joyful life. In his honor we look forward to sharing some of our fondest memories of Leo ,” the post says.

Leo was one of two cats playing Church that were considered to be breakout superstars with bright futures. He was adopted by Jarrett after the film wrap, who praised him for his expressive eyes and willingness to put up with all the zombie cat makeup the role of Church required.

” Leo is a confident sit-stay cat ,” Jarrett said.” His role is as the undead Church; that was his purpose, to be the poster child .”

And he was literally the fur-zombie featured on all of the posters for Pet Sematary , immortalized by a role that mimics reality in at least one way — he was a beloved pet whose humans will miss him dearly.

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