July 26


The Iconic Keyboard Cat Has Died –& The Internet Has Gone Into Full Blown Mourning


Cat Behavior

The internet is in mourning following the passing of an OG viral sensation.

According to reports, Bento( who was best known as Keyboard Cat) died at the age of nine. The ginger tabby’s passing was confirmed by his proprietor, Charlie Schmidt, on Friday via a YouTube tribute video( above ). So sad.

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Bento was adopted by Schmidt in 2009, after his original “Keyboard Cat” Fatso passed away. Nonetheless, Bento became a YouTube sensation in his own right. Not only did the feline have a slew of online hits, but he also starred in various commercials. Thus, it isn’t surprising to learn that cat fanatics and fans have flocked to Twitter to pay tribute to the fallen pet.

Be sure to see the sweetest well wishes for yourself( below ).

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