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The new ‘Cats’ trailer is here to make you want to claw your eyes out


Cat Behavior

The first trailer for the Cats movie musical adaptation dropped Thursday, and it will construct you want to claw your eyes out.

The trailer for director Tom Hooper’s adaption earned nearly 100,000 views and its own Twitter moment-only an hour after its release. Seeing the famous cast-including Taylor Swift, Idris Elba, and Rebel Wilson-mutated into bizarre CGI human-cat hybrids, with what looks like an Instagram filter straight from hell seems to have scarred all those spectators for life.

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But hey, at least the horror show is pumping out some good memes.

Much of the conversation revolves around the actors’ lookings: 50% human, 50% feline, and 100% horrifying.

A Twitter account pose as the official Cats one joked that” the cats in Cats( 2019) will have realistic spiked penis ,” and I-like , no doubt, the thousands of others who liked the post-half-believed it at first.

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Others set the trailer to a more appropriate score, like the one from Annihilation or Us.

As someone who find Cats on Broadway, I can say with good authority that the original costumes are only marginally less frightening. The big set pieces in the new Cats trailer build the actors seem, well, cat-size, which is a change from the play that somehow manages to attain things even more disturbing.

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The trailer also had plenty of users confounded over what exactly this movie is about. Which again, as someone who’s seen the play, I still don’t really get either.

” The plot of Cat is that they’re the bag of cats and they introduce themselves until one of them get permission to die ,” Twitter user Louis Peitzman wrote, which sounds about right.

Users began comparing screencaps and GIFs of the trailer to other horrifying memes, like Nicolas Cage’s face on a cat and Jemaine Clement’s failed transformation in.

And of course, the trailer brought to mind other characters whose CGI transformations failed to impress, like our toothy Sonic the Hedgehog.

Many were also quick to point to former “adaptations” of the musical.

Perhaps most frightening of all is what the new adaptation will inspire. Some are anticipating a Cats FaceApp and Snapchat filter.

Cats is set to premiere in December of 2019.

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