May 16


There is Now a Book Just For Cats


Cat Behavior

You know when you are reading a good book, and your cat just comes in and decides to lay on you, next to you, or casually on your book? Well, maybe they don’t simply want attention. Maybe they want to read too! Iizcat’sown Minnie, decided to read it for herself!


Well now there is a book your cat will enjoy too!

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“Meow is a novel for cats written from the perspective of a cat. Merely one word can describe the wondrous escapades waiting inside the cover of Meow, it is also the only word you will find inside the cover of meow. Meow, ” author, M E Owmeow shared on Amazon

Obviously, this is the sense of humor that mostly merely cat people have


Iizcat’s own little kitty, Minnie, decided to review the book herself.

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An the reviews are in ..,

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It’s a meow, meow, meow!

Want your cats to enjoy the book as well? It’s now on sale atAmazon! Click Here

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