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This Artist Is Making Flower Crowns For Animal And They Look Majestic


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The first bloom crown college professor Yarely built was for her puppy, Australian shepherd Freya. And that one was just for the pup, to take fun photos for Instagram. Well, what started as a simple prop for a picture soon turned into a brand. The Californian created Freya’s Floral Company that offers a selection of flower crowns for both, people and animals. “I received such positive feedback that I decided to begin attaining crowns for other dogs to spread the love, ” Yarely said.

The artist uses artificial flowers to construct delicate compositions, even offering custom orders. Yarely claims that every single crown she makes is unique, even the ones made out of the same selection of flowers having different compositions.

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Since Yarely started offering the flower crowns to the public, there have been many who wanted to set their dog in this magical couture. Perhaps one of the greatest models to rock the flowery accessories is Leonidas, a spectacular Instagram star from Chicago. Leo is a Maine Coon cat with close to 150 k adherents on the image-based social media site.

He has modeled a selection of crowns from Freya’s Floral Company , collecting thousands of likes from people all over the world, praising the kitten’s fashion sense and dreamy look.

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“I knew nothing about making crowns so I merely winged it. After posting a photo of Freya in her crown I received a lot of positive feedback, ” Yarely told Bored Panda . As for what inspires her to induce the individual pieces, the artist exposed it’s landscapes she sees. “I am a Chicana and Spanish speaker. When I visit Mexico I draw inspiration from the colors and the vibrant energy, ” she explained.

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Though while humen usually find wearing flower crowns a flattering experience, animals are a little less cooperative. As in how to get your pet to wear one, Yarely had this to say: “I always recommend bribery! […] I developed Freya to wear crowns on her head.”

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“Freya is the heart of my business. We joke that she is my quality assurance coworker” Yarely uncovered what role her puppy plays in the creative process. “I test experimental pieces on her to make sure they are sturdy enough to sell. […] She is a great model( when she wants to be ). Although I get photos of her, she definitely gives me some sass, ” she added.

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Yarely also revealed that Leo is actually a big source of inspiration as well as the biggest promoter of the crowns. “Leo’s momager has been a huge source of support helping me prompote my business and giving me advice. I am proud to announce that Leo has the biggest Freya’s Floral Co. collection and he is a source of inspiration” she explained. The artist also added that she often guesses how certain pieces would look on Leo while inducing them.



“I’ve often seen photos of puppies in bloom crowns, so I believed cats could rock them too! ” Leonidas’ “momager” Jane explained how she first decided to set the crowns on her kitty. “Luckily Leo is a very laid back kitty, and lets me put the crowns on his head” she added.



Jane confirmed that “people perfectly love considering Leo in the flower crowns”. No wonder that people love watching the stunning Maine Coon in such dreamy compositions as paintings speak for themselves. “These photos often do the best among all of them” she revealed.

















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