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This guy ran viral for becoming an unexpected #CatDad, and the internet melted.


Cat Behavior

Life can come at you really fast.

Sometimes you’re just moseying along, reeking the flowers( or get your usual morning coffee; I don’t know your routine) — and then BAM! Your existence has entered a new and exciting stage you weren’t at all prepared for.

We’ve all been there. And that’s probably why so many on the internet are relating to a human named Paris Zarcilla, or as the internet has dubbed him, #CatDad.

All Zarcilla wanted was to grab a sweater. He determined a litter of kittens under his bed instead.

On May 29, Zarcilla rolled up to his bedroom to get himself a change of clothes. Then, I presume, he heard some kind of strange noise. And because this isn’t that type of horror movie, he decided to check under his bed.

Where he found this:

That tweet went viral nearly instantly, with the entire internet dissolving into what I imagine to be a puddle of mewling gunk. At least, that’s where I was when I started favoriting these tweets.

But while the rest of us were enjoying the pleasure that a amaze pack of kittens and their momma can bring to an otherwise dull day, Zarcilla was struggling with an important question πŸ˜› TAGEND

Hello and welcome to the world’s most adorable existential crisis.

I entail, what else are you going to do, right? You find a got a couple of kittens merely hanging out in your home, clear your schedule, and start partying with them.( Safely and from a few feet away, perhaps, so as not to spook them .)

If there’s one thing that this story proves, it’s how important animals are in our lives .

I’ll spare you every one of the adorable cat scenes in the thread( and there are a lot ), but many people have joined in on the love, and Zarcilla’s story has become even more epic as he continued live-tweeting his experience.

Sure, he’s doing a lot for the kittens — he can’t separate them from the mama for six weeks, so everyone’s staying under his bed indefinitely — but he’s also recognizing the power our furry friends( or, you know, furry strangers who promptly become friends) have to impact our mood and change our outlook on life.

Zarcilla even pointed out the fact that being with the cats and the responsibility of becoming #CatDad may actually be helping his mental health.

According to research, being the dad( or mom or parent) to a cat — or dog, if you’re so inclined — is beneficial for us humans. Dog owners experience less stress, and those who own cats are less likely to have heart problems.

And it’s therapeutic to spend time with an animal, because, unlike other humen, they’re not going to expect anything from you except that you feed and love them. That’s why so many of us may feel more comfortable being ourselves around our pets.

Of course , not all of us will be blessed with the discovery of a whole group of cats in our own homes.

Although strange kitties wandering in and only doing their thing in someone’s dining room aren’t unheard of.

So if you’re considering a pet, don’t wait for a family of felines to take over in your room. Consider rescuing live animals( like Chris Evans did !) to become your companion.

As for #CatDad? He’s doing just fine.

You’re doing amazing, dude.

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