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Cat Behavior

With the rise and fall of the cat meme economy, we look to online cat personalities to fill the cuteness void in our hearts. But one talkative feline has gone beyond just looking adorable to steal our attention.

Giving an inside look at the daily thinks of a house cat, Twitter account @peepeeplayhouse shows the life of Peepee. And yes, that is his real name.

Peepee is 8-years-old( or as he says, “Ate year’s oald” ), loves drinking water that isn’t his, and is a big fan of receiving pats. Voices pretty typical, right? But what induces this Twitter so great is that it isn’t from the perspective of a human or a cat mother documenting these narratives — it’s Peepee’s own account — and he wants his thoughts to be heard.

This charming collection of daily anecdotes is displayed well in the viral tweet below. Describing his true nature as a cat, many people procured this an extremely relatable mood.

But what sets apart Twitter’s new favorite cat from other kitty celebs is also his down-to-earth, opinionated commentary.

Viral fame hasn’t gone to Peepee’s head just yet — he frequently use his platform to highlight social justice issues such as trans rights, voting rights, and prison reform.

In an interview with VRV, a pop culture blog created by the digital steaming service, Peepee describes why he wanted to start blogging online 😛 TAGEND

“it was Oanly a cuple mumfs ago. My Dad was saying “PeePeee i have to maney pic’s of You. WHair do i set them’ all. ” and wel im veary Tockative. i Have Lotse of thotes in my litle brain. so I said “Dad i wude like too try Out Bloging. I cane set my litle thotes down and i will Poast my Picshures so their all In One Plase for yuo and all my, frendse too loke at “.

He also went on to say that he was just having a lot of fun blogging on his own, and he hopes that everyone only has a good time on his page.

Indeed, a wholesome community has assembled to compliment and shower Peepee with affection. His page is filled with everything from fan art, to theme songs honoring his adorable legacy.

Peepee is definitely not the first animal online to bridge the communication gap with a wide human audience — other accounts such as @ProBirdRights and @dog_feelings seek to capture our innate is important to understand our pets.

Internet lexicon surrounding pets has interestingly evolved into two major categories — how we talk about pets and how the pets themselves “talk.” This is well documented in an NPR article about the origins of doggolino, the cutesy speech used to refer to pets, reflects how we talk to our pets IRL.

But the rise in animal memes devotes a voice to our animal companions. We impart our cutesy language onto them, and also reflect our pets’ limited worldview. Peepee speaks to us in the same loving way that we ourselves would speak to him, and we hope that this is the way our pets actually assure us.

And with so many cats on the internet, that’s what builds Peepee’s playhouse a gem all its own. This little fellow fights for belly pats and trans rights. What a true icon.

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