RTAG 7 TTAll aspects of her caregiving task were difficult, but for MaryEllen, the hardest thing was taking care of someone who had taken care of her when she was young. “I insured her as more than just my Nana, but as the smart woman who was slowly losing her independence, ” RTAG 10 TT Most importantly, caring for her granny gave MaryEllen strength . RTAG 13 TT”Caregiving is relentless and the tasks are never-ending, ” writes Mia in an email. “It’s cliche to say that caregivers forget to take care of themselves but it is really true.” RTAG 15 TT “Make a special effort to do something just for you and hold onto that for dear life, ” RTAG 21 TT “I felt like I was carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders.” RTAG 25 TT “If you know a caregiver, ask them how they are, because it can be a really hard, thankless, and lonely task, ” she says . RTAG 30 TT”The real stuff I’ve learned and continue to learn is about myself. My selfishness and ability to shut out another’s discomfort when I want to are taking some big hits, ” he writes. “When I say that Elizabeth is the center of my life it is simply a statement of fact.” RTAG 31 TT”I have to do nearly everything. This is depleting but one does what is necessary, lazy and selfish or not. Caregiving to a beloved who is incapacitated is a real act of selfless love” Tis the Season for Cats Climbing and Destroying Christmas Trees

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