FTAG 1 TT ATAG 1 TT DTAG 1 TT RTAG 4 TT IMG 2 TT SPTAG 3 TT The dancing plague of Strasbourg … as described by Paracelsus in the 1530 s. Photograph: Alamy Stock Photo FTAG 2 TT ATAG 5 TT DTAG 2 TT RTAG 10 TT IMG 3 TT SPTAG 4 TT Demonically outlandish … The Garden of Earthly Delights, 1500 s, by Hieronymous Bosch. Photo: Heritage Images/ Getty Images FTAG 3 TT ATAG 8 TT DTAG 3 TT RTAG 15 TT IMG 4 TT SPTAG 5 TT Dance crazy … German engraving of hysterical dancing in a churchyard during the course of its late middle ages. Photo: Granger/ Rex/ Shutterstock FTAG 4 TT ATAG 10 TT DTAG 4 TT RTAG 19 TT IMG 5 TT SPTAG 6 TT Marking 500 years since the dancing mania … Strasbourg. Photo: Harry Laub/ imagebroker/ Rex/ Shutterstock Who Said Cats Catch Mice?

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