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Wife Is Dying From Laughter After Finding Out The Bed Her Husband Was Building Is For The Cat, Not For Them


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Cat fans will go to extreme comfort to make sure their felines can live their lives in comfort and style from cat ladders to cat beds. It’s true perhaps these independent animals don’t need us as much as we need them, especially when it comes to finding a place to relax- after all most surfaces are prime spots for a good cat nap- but that didn’t stop one Florida man, Chris Carlson from creating a special place just for his cat. Pre-KPA teacher Julia Carlson shared her husband’s creation in an online post and people everywhere think it’s the cat’s meow.

This is Ollie, the newest member of the Carlson family and proud owner of his own custom cat bed

Image credits: julcarls

Julia wrote on her Facebook page that the cat was a surprise from Chris: “Chris always said we’d never get a pet because they’re too much work and commitment. Well, he told me he was going grocery shopping and instead he went out and adopted this guy.” Not only did her husband buy the cat but, to the surprise of Julia, created a special place in their home just for Ollie to catch some zzz’s.

“Husband said he was going to make a bed frame. I thought it was for our new mattress …. It was for the cat”

Image credits: julcarls

“Guys, Chris said,’ okay I’m gonna run build the bed now, ’ and I’m like yessss we’ll finally have a bed frame for our new mattress. I check on him an hour later and he has built A MINIATURE BEDFRAME AND SIDE TABLE FOR THE CAT. I’m dying.”

Image credits: julcarls

Chris told Bored Panda the idea was spur of the moment, “My wife had been searching online for cat teepees and things like it, so I knew she’d find it hilarious.” His not alone with his creative cat notions, companies and pet proprietors seem to always should be considered innovative ideas for the perfect feline bed and for a good reason. Healthy cats spend 16 to 20 hours per day sleeping.

Image credits: julcarls

Ollie’s bed is so much more than a prank and presents off the workworking abilities he’s acquired over the years. “I’ve dabbled in woodworking as a pastime for close to a decade! ” said Chris, “I’m self-taught with the help of YouTube DIY pages.”

Image credits: julcarls

This particular DIY project took the craftsman about an hour, “I had some scrap 2x2s, 1x6s, and 1×2 of select pine for the headboard and frame and some 1/4 in plywood for the slats and used pocket holes and timber glue to hold it all together.” and added, “The best part was my wife reasoning I was attaining OUR Cali King sized bed frame. When she came to check on me around the end of the building process, she immediately snorted and started hysterically laughing.”

Image credits: julcarls

To share the hysterical prank they posted on Facebook and Reddit and received an overwhelming response. “We were very surprised it ran viral. We spent about 6 hours on that Sunday periodically checking how many upvotes, likes and shares it got and only laughing at how THIS is what built us run viral.”

Image credits: julcarls

Not only did the internet think the idea was entertaining but of course wanted one for themselves, “I have gotten hundreds of requests for cat beds now that the pictures went viral on Reddit and Facebook.”

People in the comments were impressed by the miniature bedroom set

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