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Woman Dumps Boyfriend After Being “Creepy” Close With His Sister


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It’s kind of nice when a guy is close with his family. After all, a lot can be determined by how a human treats others. However, sometimes being close can be too close.

We’ve all probably had to deal with meddling mothers, but what about a sister? Sometimes siblings can be overprotective of each other but for one Australian man, his sister was acting only downright creepy. Jacinta, a 30 -year-old from Australia, tells the tale of how her boyfriend’s creepy sister ended their relationship. Jacinta says she had been in a relationship with a man named Jack and initially find his closeness to his tight-knit household endearing. He was a kind and sensitive man who “never had a bad word to say about anyone” and Jacinta fell for him. She understood that he and his sister, Mel, were close, but didn’t realise just how close at first. Their family home had lots of pictures of the siblings together and Mel was always very supportive of Jack, but it soon became apparent that Mel had few friends of her own and often indicated up at Jacinta and Jack’s dates. “I started to notice that nine out of 10 periods we went out, Melinda would be there, ” Jacinta claimed. “She never seemed to go out with her own friends. She would always sit next to Jack. Would do whatever Jack said. Never had a difference of opinion to Jack. Never even opposed with Jack.” She continued, “By contrast, my siblings and I opposed like cats and dogs growing up.” If you’re wondering if this all voices a little family, it’s probably because Rachel from Friends observed herself in a very similar situation with her boyfriend:

Once, Jacinta claims that Mel was spying while she and Jack snuggled on the couch. Mel glared at the couple while holding a glass of while, and once Jack recognise her presence, she stormed off. Jack simply rubbed off the encounter by saying his sister was “not in a good mood”. However, things get creepier when Mel acknowledged her “dream guy” was her friend and Jacinta determined her in his bed one day. “I was going to stay over, so I went into his bedroom and was trying to set up and she was asleep in his bed, ” Jacinta said. “It was the straw that broke the camel’s back … I had to walk out of the room and ask Jack why she was there.” Jacinta reveals that Jack simply said “she does that sometimes” and defensively tried to convince Jacinta that it was normal behavior. Jacinta broke it off with Jack because of the creepy behavior and the fact that she didn’t want to be the one who came between him and their own families. She claims she once ran into an ex-girlfriend of Jack’s and she told Jacinta that her only competitor was Mel, which constructed Jacinta wonder if his ex had ended her relationship with Jack for the same reasons. “I like close families but it’s difficult to have a relationship with someone when there was always a third wheel … especially when the third wheel is from the same genetic makeup, ” Jacinta said. Jacinta is now blithely married. There is no word on how Jack, or his sister, are doing these days.

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